About Me

Maybe I’m wrong, but…I think About Me/Us sections are a bit pretentious. They serve a purpose, I get it, but writing them can be a little too much for social introverts like me.

Yes, a social introvert―not socially challenged or shy … I’ve just seen what the world has to offer and prefer to stay in my head, thank you very much.

This site is about my highly unpopular opinions, which have forever made me wonder if I’m wrong or, at the very least, alone. One thing’s for sure―these are personal opinions meant to bring a different perspective to current or common topics, and DEFINITELY not meant to offend anyone. They are simply points of views and if you knew me personally, you’d know I value all points of views and welcome open discussions. My utopia is a world where everyone respects each others’ personal choices, lives, and most definitely, their opinions. I welcome yours as well.

Why So Secret?

Unfortunately, my unpopular opinions can get me in trouble sometimes. Maybe I’m wrong, but the world can be often unkind to people with different points of view, even when they are harmless. That’s why I’d rather remain anonymous, until a whistleblower or hacker tells on me. (Please don’t.)

Plus, maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s more fun this way … don’t you think? 😉 end_carot_blk


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