If I Were a Millionaire, I Would Be Happily Frugal

I would also dye my hair pink and wear more tattoos than a sailor. Hear me out.

Most people dream of becoming millionaires so they can buy a house the size of five football stadiums, a collection of shiny convertible cars, and something that floats and be given in a silly name. I, however, dream of something much different.

You see … I have a slightly different relationship with money. To me, money serves only one purpose: to bring me peace of mind. Now, peace of mind is a big deal. It means being able to sleep well at night knowing that:

  • I will always have a safe roof over my head.
  • I will never be hungry.
  • I will be able to pay a medical bill if I ever needed to.
  • I will never have to do something uncomfortable or that I didn’t want to do.

And yet, becoming a millionaire would still be life changing for me, even if it only were to bring me peace of mind. I currently make a lot of decisions that go against my personal preferences, only because they’re in support of my survival. I live in a big city, where finding a job in my field is relatively easy and where most people my age live. But I’d give my left nipple to live in a more quiet area, maybe the mountains or the beach, but far from the bright lights, the selfies, and the unreturned “hellos”. (It’s an expression, by the way. I want to keep my nipples where they are, thank you very much.)

I also play the ‘looking the part’ game all the time, which is not necessarily how I would really want to look. My hair is a conventional color, I don’t have a single tattoo on me, I dress conservatively, drive a rather nice car, and live in a nice area―all of which screams “hire me, I’m an executive in the making!”

Now, don’t get me wrong―I’m extremely grateful and feel very blessed for everything in my life. But if given a choice, and a way to finance it, I would live a little differently.

So, if lucky me were to become a millionaire, I would make a few changes. Knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about ‘looking the part’ to get a job, I would dye my hair a different bright color every six months and would get at least three tattoos within five months of becoming a millionaire. I am aware those are extremely superficial investments, but they feel like self-expression to me―something I’ve suppressed for many years. I would also donate my somewhat fancy car to someone looking to put it to good use, while getting myself a simpler, eco-friendlier, cuter car that more closely matched my personality, not my job insecurity.

I would also live in a tiny house, something around 300 square feet. I know that may not be tiny enough for the tiny-house purists out there, but it still is about a tenth of the average house size in the U.S. It would be neat, nicely decorated, with plenty of sunlight, and multi-purpose everything. I would have it on a land somewhere with a pretty view, where the weather is nice and the risk of natural disasters or wildfires is minimal. There, I would grow all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Lots of them. I would also have a few chickens solely for egg-laying purposes.

woman_flower_garden.pngI would then collect the harvest and laid eggs and regularly deliver them to local organizations that help people in need. If I could afford it (meaning, if I were not just a millionaire, but a multi-millionaire), I would also build facilities so that I could host at least 20 people interested in living the ‘community lifestyle’, with a central kitchen, laundry, library, and yoga studio/gym. Guests could stay for free for up to one month in return for their help with the garden, the chickens, the deliveries, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, etc. I would also come up with other ways to generate revenue, so I could donate all the profits to children’s programs, especially to the children in foster care.

My daily attire would be extremely casual. Gone would be the days of power suits and high heels. In fact, I would throw away every single pair of heels I currently own (or donate them, I’m sure someone could use them). I would finally embrace my vertically challenged life with the most comfortable flats I could get.

I know it’s nothing glamorous and certainly not what many would wish to do if they were to become rich. But instead of being rich because I had money, I would be rich because I was doing exactly what I wanted to do―helping others, growing a garden, and living a peaceful, quiet life with like-minded people who also want to make the world a better place.

But … since I’m not currently a millionaire (well, guess I should check my lottery tickets as I may very well be), I’m still boring old me. Paycheck dependent. Stressed about the future. Looking the part. And dreaming of a frugally fulfilling life! end_carot_blk


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