My Theory of Life

What is life? No other topic will make people look at me as if I had two heads coming out of my neck than when I tell them about my theory of life.

Many ask me if I’ve read Stephen Hawking’s Theory of Everything, or heard Elon Musk talk about life as a ‘video game’ of sorts, or even watched the movie The Matrix (1999). In all honesty, I haven’t. (Well, I attempted to watch The Matrix the same day I was asked if I had seen it, as someone had said my theory had some similarities with the movie’s plot, but I fell asleep shortly after the initial credits―not because the intro was boring, but because I can barely keep my eyes open when I watch a movie these days.) So that’s my caveat for “you may have heard this theory before” and “it may not really be mine,” but when I first had the thought of “oh hey, this may be what life’s all about!”, I thought it was my very own theory and I was almost able to see the two heads coming out of my very own neck in shock.

So, here it goes. Maybe I’m wrong but I think life is your own creation, both literally and figuratively. Here me out.

How I Got To My Theory

Alright, before I explain this theory of mine, let me tell you how I arrived at it.
My dreams are akin to the thoughts of someone on an acid trip. They rarely make sense―people don’t look like people, there’s no sequence of thought or events, and logic is completely out the window. They’re like a Salvador Dalí version of The Lord of The Rings (2001) meets The Breakfast Club (1985). However, every now and then I have somewhat of a more coherent dream and it’s typically from my high school days. And when I do, I remember it the next day.

I’ve always blamed my nonsensical dreams to the fact that I’m a light sleeper. I’ve also been told that, when I speak, I sound like I think at a million miles per hour (some sort of hyperactive brain thing), which may have something to do with my crazy dreaming.

One day, less than a year ago, I had a dream that was not only coherent, but it even contained dialogue. Coherent dialogue. I can’t remember the specifics of the dream right now, but I was one of the two people talking in the dream, and while I can’t remember who the other person was, the conversation we were having followed a logical flow. As I processed the dream a bit when I woke up, I remember thinking that none of it was a repetition of something that happened the day before, or of even a conversation I had in the past. The contents of the conversation were things I knew in real life, but nothing that I had ever said out loud or told anyone before.

That’s when it hit me―it was *my* dream, it all came out of my still-active (but very asleep) brain, and in this dream, I controlled what I said as well as what the other person said. I kept thinking about that the entire day, and then it dawned on me: what if life is much like my dream, where it all comes out of my brain, and I control not just what I say and do, but what everyone else says and does?


“C’mon, Get Over Yourself.”


That was the first thing I thought after I heard myself arriving at that conclusion. “C’mon, really? So the world REALLY revolves around you? Puh-leeze.”

But, the more I kept thinking about it, the more I started to think about popular sayings like “mind over matter,” “thoughts become reality,” and “it’s all in your head.” Has this been my own brain giving me the clues to my own life?

Of course, my theory didn’t explain how I got here, or the origins or purpose of life itself, but it sure made me ponder about how much of my own living situation had to do with my thoughts. I wondered whether my ‘reality’ is something I created for myself, instead of random circumstances that seem primarily out of my control.

It’s My Prerogative…Or Is It?

perspective.pngAlright, let me break this down a bit so I make more (any?) sense.

You can only see life through your own set of eyes―more specifically, through your own perspective. You cannot experience someone else’s life; you only experience yours. Sure, there are people who claim to feel what other people feel, there’s twins who can finish each other’s sentences, there’s also clairvoyants, etc. But then again, maybe my brain created all of them and their claimed capabilities?

And just like that, my brain creates my reality―what I see, hear, live, and experience. It’s like life is a movie and you are the screenwriter (and the director, producer, etc.). And yes, I’ve seen The Truman Show (1998) and I don’t mean “a movie” in that way (though in the actual movie, it wasn’t a movie, but a TV show). So back to the analogy, much like a movie, there’s main and secondary characters, cameos and walk-on roles, and background actors in life. Your family and friends are the main characters, classmates and co-workers are the secondary characters, the people who come and go in your life have cameos and walk-on roles, and everything else you see on TV, Internet and wherever, are the background actors. Everything is a figment of your imagination.

Now, I can almost hear you yelling at me from your side of the screen (because in my brain, you are!):


“But, I exist! I’m not just a figment of your imagination!
Stop being so self-centered!”

Alright, I hear you.

But, what if in YOUR reality there’s this person (me) who has a blog that you happen to be reading right now, meaning that I am a figment of YOUR imagination? And so is everything else you did today, and yesterday, and ever…what if you created everything and everyone, just by thinking? Sure, you can say “well, that’s fine, I’ll contact you and we’ll both confirm our existence!” But, you’ll confirm your existence in my life that my brain created, and I’ll confirm your existence in your life that your brain created. Which confirms nothing.

I know, this is getting more confusing and less believable by the minute. If this theory is right, then am I responsible for all the good AND bad things in the world? Well, I guess my brain is…and by “the world” I mean “my reality” because “my world” and “your world” may be two very different things, if there indeed is anyone else in the “universe” having the same experience that I’m having: a “life”.

I Clearly Don’t Believe My Own Theory…Yet.

My theory still makes me scratch my head. There are days when I believe it is quite sound, and there are days when I wonder if I’ve been exposed to radiation from the microwave a little too much.

My life is far from perfect, so clearly, if I were 100% sure about my theory, my life would be awesome, I would only think positive thoughts, and this world―which sometimes feels like living inside a dumpster on fire―would be a heck of a lot different.

I also wouldn’t be spending (some would argue “wasting”) time creating a website that only my brain and its creations would read, so I’m clearly still wondering if this whole theory is possible.

In the meantime, I guess there’s nothing to lose if we all were to spend more time thinking positive thoughts, saying positive things about ourselves, stating what we want in life, and truly believing―without reservation―that everything we wished for and wanted will indeed take place in our lives. I always get stuck in the “without reservation” part, as the thought of fully believing my own theory of life makes me worry I may need to check myself in at the nearest psychiatric ward.

So, what do you think? Could life and everything that’s taking place in our worlds, be a figment of our imaginations―the only ‘perspective’ we can vouch for? end_carot_blk


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